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About Eulogy For Life

This site was founded to provide a compassionate online resource dedicated to supporting individuals and families during times of grief and loss.

The focus is on offering a variety of meaningful products and information designed to help people honor and remember their loved ones. Its primary purpose is to provide comfort, guidance, and practical tools for those navigating the emotional journey of bereavement.

Key features of EulogyForLife.com include:

  • Memorial Products: A curated selection of cremation urns, ashes jewelry, and other memorial keepsakes to help preserve the memory of loved ones.
  • Books and Resources: A collection of insightful books and guides on grief, healing, and remembrance.
  • Sympathy Gifts: Thoughtful gift ideas to offer support and solace to those who are grieving.
    Eulogy Writing Assistance: Professional help and resources for writing heartfelt and meaningful eulogies.
  • Educational Content: Articles and blog posts providing advice, tips, and support on coping with loss and celebrating life.

EulogyForLife.com is here to serve as a comforting and reliable source of support for those dealing with loss, helping them find ways to honor their loved ones and navigate their grief with dignity and compassion.

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Denise Gibb
Denise Gibb - Founder and counselor

Meet Denise Gibb, the founder of Eulogy For Life. As an author, accomplished copywriter and qualified counsellor, Denise seamlessly weaves her diverse experiences into the tapestry of her life’s work.

Eulogy For Life is more than just a venture for Denise – it’s a heartfelt, lifelong passion. Denise believes in the transformative power of empathy and compassion. She aims to foster emotional healing and resilience by showing others how to boost their mental fitness.


Based in Western Australia, Denise thrives alongside her partner, channelling her creativity and dedication into expanding the horizons of Eulogy For Life. Denise’s commitment to personal growth and development remains steadfast as she continues her journey.

Denise’s qualifications extend beyond her creative accomplishments. She is also a professional counsellor. This is a testament to her dedication to enhancing her skills and expertise, enabling her to guide others towards emotional well-being with professionalism and care.

In essence, Denise Gibb’s life story is an intricate blend of creativity, empathy, and personal growth. Through Eulogy For Life, she’s leaving an indelible mark on the world, inspiring healing and transformation one word at a time. 

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