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About Eulogy For Life

Discover Your Healing Sanctuary 

Amid loss, finding solace can often feel like a distant dream. At Eulogy For Life, we are your compassionate companion, guiding you gently through the labyrinth of grief and loss. As a dedicated independent publisher, we craft books and enriching content that serves as beacons of light in your moments of darkness.

In 2018, our heartfelt journey began with Healing from Grief. This led to our treasured Sympathy Gift Series, which tenderly addresses the pain of loss. Whether it’s the sorrow of losing a beloved pet in Last Woof and Last Purr or guiding children through the loss of grandparents in Goodbye Grandma and Goodbye Grandpa, each book is like a comforting embrace during challenging times. We warmly invite you to delve into these books. Each title is a gentle reflection of love, loss, and the strength of the human spirit.

Join us at Eulogy For Life, where we believe in the transformative power of words to heal hearts and uplift spirits. Let’s embark on a healing journey, one story at a time.


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Healing Books

Last Woof

"A tribute to unconditional love."

Embark on a heartwarming healing journey celebrating the paw prints left on our hearts.

Last Woof is more than just a book; it's a sanctuary where cherished memories with your canine companion come alive. Dive into pages to help you recall touching moments, capturing the joy, loyalty, and boundless love shared with our furry friends. Whether you're reminiscing about playful days or quiet moments of comfort, this book is a gentle reminder of the special bond that never fades. Last Woof is the perfect companion to help you honour and remember your beloved pet. Embrace the love, cherish the memories, and find solace in every page.

Suitable for ages 12+ and adults

Last Purr

"A soothing journey of soft whispers and gentle purrs."

Captures the silent melodies of whiskers and purrs.

Last Purr isn't just another book; it's a haven where every memory of your feline friend finds its voice. Delve into pages that resonate with the soft nudges, playful antics, and comforting purrs that only a cat can offer. Whether it's the memory of sunlit afternoons with your cat curled on your lap or the gentle purring that lulled you to sleep, this book is a heartfelt tribute to the unique bond shared with our feline companions. Last Purr is your keepsake, helping you cherish every moment spent with your beloved cat. Let the love linger, treasure the memories, and find healing in every whisper of the pages.

Suitable for ages 12+ and adults

Goodbye Grandma

"Embracing memories, navigating farewells."

Losing Grandma is never easy, especially for young hearts.

Goodbye Grandma is more than just a story; it's a warm embrace, a comforting whisper, guiding children through the delicate maze of emotions that come with loss. Enriched with touching illustrations and photos, this book offers a gentle approach to the topic of death, making it easier for children to understand and express their feelings. And as the pages turn, practical tips emerge, offering families a beacon of hope and guidance for the days after Grandma's farewell. Goodbye Grandma is an invaluable family treasure, helping them bond, remember, and heal together.

Suitable for ages 5 to 12+

Goodbye Grandpa

"Navigating heartache, celebrating legacy."

The departure of a Grandpa leaves a void, particularly in the tender hearts of children.

Goodbye Grandpa unfolds as more than a narrative; it's a gentle journey of remembrance and understanding, steering young readers through the complex emotions surrounding loss. With illustrations that speak to the heart and photographs that echo with familiarity, this book offers a nurturing pathway to discuss the concept of death, facilitating a compassionate dialogue for children to voice their feelings. Families will find solace and wisdom as they traverse the book's comforting pages, turning a farewell into a celebration of Grandpa's enduring legacy. Goodbye Grandpa presents as a family guide, fostering connections, reflection, and healing in unity.

Suitable for ages 5 to 12+

Healing from Grief

"Navigating grief, harnessing the power of memories."

Grief is a journey, often shadowed by heartache and yearning. Yet, within its depths lies the potential for healing and rediscovery.

Healing From Grief is more than just a book; it's a compass guiding you back to the warmth of cherished memories. Through evocative pictures and uplifting affirmations, it beckons you to remember the joy, the love, and the moments that truly matter. By focusing on the positive memories, this book offers a transformative approach to grief, turning sorrow into strength, and pain into purpose. It's a gentle reminder that even in the face of loss, shared love and memories remain eternal and hold the key to healing.

Delve into Healing From Grief and let the power of positive memories guide you towards a renewed sense of hope and peace.

Suitable for adults.

Denise Gibb

Advanced Study Major - Grief and Loss Counselling

Awarded: 1 Sept 2023


Denise Gibb - Cofounder

Meet Denise Gibb, the driving force behind Eulogy For Life. With a multifaceted background as an author, accomplished copywriter, and innovative instructional designer, Denise seamlessly weaves her diverse experiences into the tapestry of her life’s work. Her prowess marks her journey in publishing and digital content production, contributing to her unique perspective on life.

Eulogy For Life is more than just a venture for Denise – it’s a heartfelt culmination of her profound insights into the realm beyond and her unwavering commitment to crafting content that harmoniously nurtures the mind, body, and soul. Denise believes in the transformative power of kind words, recognising their potential to mend even the deepest wounds. Her mission is to foster healing through her creative endeavours.


Based in Australia, Denise thrives alongside her partner, channelling her creativity and dedication into expanding the horizons of Eulogy For Life. Denise’s commitment to personal growth and development remains steadfast as she continues her journey.

Denise’s qualifications extend beyond her creative accomplishments. She is embarking on a new chapter, pursuing professional counselling. This is a testament to her dedication to enhancing her skills and expertise, enabling her to guide others towards emotional wellbeing with professionalism and care.

In essence, Denise Gibb’s life story is an intricate blend of creativity, empathy, and personal growth. Through Eulogy For Life, she’s leaving an indelible mark on the world, inspiring healing and transformation one word at a time. 

Julie Rick
Julie Rick - Cofounder

Julie Rick is the pillar behind Eulogy For Life’s visual design, donning multiple hats as a graphic designer and a celebrated digital content creator. Her passion lies in crafting resources that serve as catalysts, enabling individuals of diverse age groups to reach their pinnacle of personal growth.

Julie’s journey is adorned with over a decade of steering her prosperous venture, Web and Print Hub, where her expertise in the digital realm has flourished. She staunchly advocates for the transformative power of learning as a healing process, a deeply ingrained philosophy in her professional endeavours.



Currently residing in the picturesque landscapes of Australia alongside her husband, Julie is immersed in creating innovative resources and developing professional websites to cater to her clientele’s diverse needs. Her vision is to continue being a beacon of inspiration and empowerment, fostering a community where learning is synonymous with healing.


Elevate Your Condolences with Organic Comfort

Introducing our enhanced Sympathy Gift Series

Every book is now paired with a luxurious organic spa and body gift box. Infused with pure Australian botanical oils, these 100% organic sets are crafted to provide heartfelt solace during times of grief.

Express your condolences in a meaningful way.

Gift options tailored for every budget.

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Grandma Loss

Condolences Complete Care Gift Box - Warmth & Healing - $65 AUD

Grandpa Loss

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Dog Loss

Condolences Complete Care Gift Box - Warmth & Healing - $65 AUD

Cat Loss

Condolences Complete Care Gift Box - Consoling - $65 AUD

Healing from Grief

Condolences Complete Care Gift Box - Consoling - $65 AUD

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