Best 10 Biodegradable Pet Urns and Burial Caskets

Honor your beloved pet’s memory by growing a tree, plant, or flowers from their ashes. Biodegradable pet urns make this possible because they are eco-friendly and allow for proper germination. This means Mother Nature can take your beloved pet’s ashes into her loving arms and within a short time foster new plant life at the memorial site.

If you’re planning to bury a beloved pet’s body in your back yard, check two things first.

  1. Ask your vet if your beloved pet was disease free.
    It is important to keep the ground free of bacteria and viruses that may cause harm.
  2. Check with your municipality regarding rules governing private pet burial in your area.
    Permission or denial will depend on underground water tables and soil types in or near your back yard.  Even if your pet was disease free, natural decomposition can introduce harmful bacteria into the underground water supply or soil. Respect your municipality’s decision and the environmental science governing their rules.

Best biodegradable pet urns and burial caskets

We’re confident our best selection of biodegradable pet urns and burial caskets will help you find the perfect urn or casket to honor your beloved companion.

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May your pet rest in peace.

Size Guide

1lb of pet body weight = 1 cubic inch in ashes

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