Best 10 Black Funeral Cremation Urns

The story of color is ancient. Since prehistoric times color symbolized meaning.  From the earliest earth pigments used by primitive man and the natural pigments used in the middle ages through to modern organic compounds, color tells the story of human experience.

The experiences and value given to each color depend on the historical timeline, context and culture.

In modern Anglo, English cultures color connects to emotion and wellbeing.

Worldwide black is synonymous with grief, yet black also symbolizes strength, power and authority. Black is bold, yet elegant and sophisticated.  

Perhaps these reasons and more are why black is the design world’s power color.

We hope our selection of the best 10 black cremation funeral urns will bring you comfort and spark positive memories.  

Our sincere condolences for your loss.

Tip: To choose the correct size cremation urn:  1 pound human weight = 1 cubic inch of ash. Read more.

Striking black cremation urn designs that make a statement

Size Guide

1lb of Body Weight = 1 cubic inch in Ashes

Example: A Cremation Urn with 200 Cu. Inches capacity is appropriate for a 200lb adult.

Capacity of every urn can be found in the product description.

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