Best 10 Cat Cremation Urns

To find the best 10 cat urns meant reviewing loads of wonderful pet urns.  You’re sure to find an urn that suits your departed cat’s personality and style. But first, knowing in advance if you’re going to cremate or bury your cat is important. Your decision determines the type of urn needed.

Burying your cat without cremation requires a biodegradable pet casket or body pet burial blanket. Burying your cat’s ashes requires a biodegradable urn or pet burial urn.

Our cat funeral facts that may help ease your decision.

Cremate or bury your cat?

These cat cremation or burial facts will help ease your decision.

  1. Cat burial in your backyard (no cremation)

    As a rule, you need to own the property. But check with your municipality before burying your pet. Factors such as how your pet died, the soil type in your yard and the water table are important factors that influence the rules. Use a biodegradable pet casket or burial blanket.

  2. Cat burial at a pet cemetery

    Pet cemeteries offer full pet burial and cremation services. You can also purchase plots. Most pet cemeteries can help with the transport of your pet’s body along with facilities for holding a memorial service.

  3. Pet Cremation for Cats

    There are three types of pet cremation.
    Private (Individual) Cremationone pet is cremated at a time. All the returned ashes are from your beloved pet. A private cremation is the most expensive.
    Semi-Private (Partitioned) Cremation – your pet is cremated with others but in its own compartment. Returned ashes are all from your pet, but not guaranteed. Semi-private is less expensive than private cremation.
    Communal (Group) Cremation
    – your pet is cremated with others. Keepsake ashes are not returned. Instead, the facility respectfully disposes of all the ashes. Group cremation is the least expensive service.

  4. Vet Disposal of a Pet’s Body

    Most vets can dispose of your cat’s body, but there are no keepsake ashes. For many cat owners, saying goodbye at the vet is too abrupt. Most people find placing ashes in a cat cremation urn a much gentler way to say goodbye.

The 10 best cat urns

We’re confident our best 10 cat urns selection will help you find the perfect shape, style and color to honor your beloved feline companion.

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May your cat rest in peace.

Size Guide

1lb of pet body weight = 1 cubic inch in ashes

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