Best 10 Funeral Cremation Urn Rings

Wearing a memorial ashes ring is just one way to keep your departed loved one’s memory close at hand.

While the practice of wearing mourning jewelry is itself centuries old, modern fabrication methods have revived this an age-old custom and put it under fashion’s spotlight.

Wear your ashes ring when celebrating special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays or family events significant to the departed loved one.

As one customer commented, “I’ve not taken my ashes ring off since my husband died. The heart reminds me of how much we loved each other.”

For men and teens who might be reluctant to wear mourning jewelry, yet still wish to honor their lost loved one, ashes key rings make a great alternative.

The 10 best funeral cremation urn rings

We’re confident our best 10 funeral cremation urn rings will help you find the perfect shape, style and color to honor your departed loved one.

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We trust our categories will make finding the perfect cremation urn for your departed loved one less overwhelming and stress-free.

Our sincere condolences for your loss.

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