Best 10 Funeral Cremation Urns With Angels

Children often ask innocent questions at difficult timesWhen one six-year-old boy asked his mom, “Why is there an angel on grandma’s urn?” she answered, “Grandma is with the angels now, but she wants to remind us to be happy and think of her always in heaven.”

When children about questions about death, heaven and angels, give the simple answer first. If more details are needed, children will ask another question.

Choose the correct size cremation urn

To choose the correct size cremation urn you need to know your departed loved one’s weight before passing to calculate the cubic inches of ash the urn will need to hold. The formula is: 1 pound body weight prior to cremation = 1 cubic inch of ash. 

Cremation urn sizes range from tiny keepsake urns that hold three tablespoons of ash up to extra large adult urns that hold 250 cubic inches and double cremation urns that hold 400 cubic inches of ash.

The 10 best funeral cremation urns with angels

We’re confident our best 10 funeral cremation urns with angels will help you find the perfect shape, style and color to honor your departed loved one.

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We trust our categories will make finding the perfect cremation urn for your departed loved one less overwhelming and stress-free.

Our sincere condolences for your loss.

Size Guide

1lb of Body Weight = 1 cubic inch in Ashes

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