Best 10 Pet Mini Keepsake Urns

Mini keepsake urns make the perfect remembrance gift to honor a beloved four-legged family companion. With a mini keepsake urn of their own, family members can treasure their beloved pet and mourn in their own way.  Children often create a little pet shine in their room or take the mini keepsake urn for walks.  Psychologists refer to this as a grieving ritual. 

Mini keepsakes urns can encourage healthy ‘grief’ discussions between family members as they invite each other to view their personal pet shrine. 

Most people buy a larger urn for their beloved pet’s ashes and then transfer ash from it into the mini keepsake urns.

Mini keepsake urns hold 3 tablespoons of ash. (See our ashes transfer guide for more help.)

The 10 best pet mini keepsake cremation urns

We’re confident our best 10 pet mini keepsake urns will help you find the perfect style and color to honor your beloved companion.

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We trust our categories will make finding the perfect cremation urn for your beloved pet less overwhelming and stress-free.

May your pet rest in peace.

Size Guide

Mimi keepsake urns hold 3 tablespoons of ash

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