Best 10 Pet Urns

Searching for the best 10 pet cremation urns brought to our attention the many beautiful ways people say goodbye to their pets. 

“When Roxy [dog] died, I let my children choose the urn and create a small shrine on the back porch where Roxy used to sit,” wrote Emily. 

“When my 13-year-old cat died, my girlfriends got together to pay for the cremation and bought me a beautiful ceramic pet urn in the shape of a cat,” wrote Susan. 

“The heartbreak my 4-year-old daughter suffered at the death of her goldfish, Fred, took me by surprise. To ease her grief, I bought a biodegradable fish burial pod and held a small ceremony in our garden,” wrote Amanda.

When a pet dies the normal avenues of social and community support are often absent. Few people ask their employer for time off to grieve the loss of their pet for fear of being laughed at or labelled emotionally weak. Pet grief is real, so be sure to talk to those who sympathize and won’t judge you.

Pet loss can be just as devastating for children. As a parent, be mindful not to underestimate the impact of losing a pet can have for a child. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles, fish and guinea pigs all have a special place in the hearts of children.

The 10 best pet cremation urns

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How to handle pet grief

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1lb of pet body weight = 1 cubic inch in ashes

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