Best 10 Sympathy Gifts Delivered

Put a smile on someone’s face. Have your sympathy gift delivered?

There are many reasons people choose delivery of a sympathy gift. Not being able to attend the funeral service in person because of important work commitments, illness or travel limitations is the most common.  Or the funeral service is for immediate family only.

The third reason for delivering a sympathy gift is our favorite.  We call it a ‘thinking-of-you’ sympathy gift.

The ideal time to deliver a ‘thinking of you’ sympathy gift is four weeks after the funeral rush is over. This is when well-wishers stop calling, and family members return to their lives and routines. The recently widowed experience being alone for the first time.

Just imagine the joy of receiving a ‘thinking-of-you’ sympathy gift.  What a beautiful validation from you to say they’re not alone and others still think of them.

Organising delivery of sympathy gift is as easy as one, two, three on Amazon.

  1. Choose the sympathy gift
  2. Choose the delivery service (or create a new one-off delivery address on your Amazon account)
  3. Pay

The best top 10 sympathy gifts delivered

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