Best Real Wax Flameless LED Candle Sympathy Gifts

Lighting a candle to honor a departed loved one has long been a tradition in many cultures. For most the ritual provides a moment of reflection while signifying remembrance.

Today, real wax flameless LED candles are rapidly taking over from traditional all wax open flame candles. No naked flame means LED candles do not pose a fire hazard, yet they create a soft natural-looking ambient light. Plus, LED technology gives flameless candles fun features like different color settings, timers, and remote control.

Gifting a real wax LED candle is a lovely way to introduce a grieving ritual. Many people place a LED candle alongside a framed photo of their departed loved one. Each day they turn on the candle, close their eyes and speak or pray to their departed one in spirit.

The best real wax flameless LED candle sympathy gifts

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