Best Top 10 Healing Thoughts Sympathy Gift Ideas


New lines of research suggest that the way we perceive the world informs and guides our immune system. Emotional stressors like grief, have a major negative influence on the body’s immune system. People are twice as likely to get sick when under extreme emotional stress. But the opposite also holds true. Healing thoughts promote health.

Healing thoughts sympathy gifts promote health

Positive thoughts and attitudes prompt a change in the body and strengthen the immune system. Happiness, optimism, and life satisfaction lower the risk of many chronic health conditions like heart disease. With this in mind, healing thoughts sympathy gifts can act as a reminder to the bereaved to draw on positive memories to find inner healing.

Healing thoughts sympathy gifts envoke inner strength

Healing thoughts sympathy gifts do more than offer condolences. Take the ‘Stay strong’ gift bracelet for example. Wearing the bracelet may help someone function productively at work. Each time a wave of grief hits them, instead of losing focus they touch the bracelet and remind themselves to ‘stay strong’ by recalling a happy memory of their departed loved one.

The best top 10 healing thoughts sympathy gifts

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