Best Top 16 Sympathy Gift Baskets Under $100

There are many reasons to bring or send a sympathy gift basket.

Sympathy gift baskets of sweet treats

Sympathy baskets of sweet treats to share are like a ray of warm sunshine on a cold day.  As one customer said, ‘After my son died in a tragic car accident my mind was so foggy, I couldn’t even make a simple sandwich. One dear friend gave me a food gift basket filled with treats I could offer visitors. I couldn’t thank her enough.’

Welcoming and feeding visitors arriving to give their condolences is the reality of dealing with a death in the family. But what happens after the funeral rush is over? What then?

Sympathy gift baskets to pamper

When everyone else’s life returns to its normal routine, the grieving experience what life without their loved one will be like. This is the perfect time to send a sympathy basket designed to nurture the mind, body and soul. 

Sympathy gifts loaded with essential oils, aromatherapy, exquisite body lotions and bath crystals give those grieving a reason to change their routine and do something new for themselves.

Simple gestures like a long bath or applying a beautiful body scrub are the first steps toward healing from grief. 

The best top 10 sympathy gift baskets under $100

We’re confident our best top 10 sympathy gift baskets under 100 dollars will help you find the perfect condolence gift.

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