Best Top 16 Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Husband

There is no shortage of advice about surviving the loss of a husband. One Google search alone returns hundreds of blogs, checklists and guidance written by professionals. Yet, sometimes hearing how others survive loss is the best healer of all.

Loss of a husband – Mary’s story

A few weeks after the loss of Mary’s husband passed a friend comforted her with wise words. “No matter what happens in the future, you will have always lost your husband. There is nothing you can do about that. For the rest of your life that will be part of who you are. But you don’t have to define your life by it. Instead, make loss your strength and from it comes the courage to love again.”

What insightful healing advice. Mary told us that was the moment her healing truly began. She finally understood reinventing her life was not betraying the memory of her husband. Quite the opposite. She was honoring him by using the foundation of their love as a platform on which to build a new life.  

Giving sympathy gifts for loss of a husband

When bringing or sending a sympathy gift for the loss of a husband avoid well-meaning but misplaced sentiments like ‘you should’, ‘if it was me’ or ‘I know how you feel’ statements. Instead, be ready to listen or help without drawing comparisons to others or yourself. Grief is a journey with no road map or timeline.

The best top 16 sympathy gifts for loss of a husband

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