Best Top 16 Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Wife

What sympathy gift do you give a man who has just lost his wife? We suggest a sympathy gift that says you ‘we care’‘you’re loved’ and ‘you’re important to many’.

Research shows husbands in their senior years grieving after the loss of a loving wife experience a 30 per cent increase in mortality. Many factors contribute to this – but stress is the number one cause.

If a senior close to you has lost his wife choose a sympathy gift that gives mental support and eases stress.

One idea is a set of funky socks as a sympathy gift.  But inside the card, suggest using the socks to create a mourning ritual. For example, you might write: each day choose a pair of fun pair of socks to wear. As you slip them over your feet, think of all the funny things your wife would say about the socks. Happy memories are healing memories.

Another idea is to gift fragrant soaps. Inside the sympathy card suggest that when showing breathe in the new fragrance and talk to your departed loved one. She will hear.

The best top 16 sympathy gifts for loss of wife

We’re confident our best top 16 sympathy gifts for loss of a wife will help you find the perfect gift to say you care.

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