Best Top 5 Wind Chime Sympathy Gifts

Giving a wind chime as a sympathy gift might seem odd to some. Yet, the hanging of wind chimes is an age-old tradition.

In ancient Rome, wind chimes were believed to ward off malevolent spirits. In Eastern and South East Asia the chimes deter birds from eating crops, plus repel evil spirits. Today, wind chimes are common worldwide for many reasons.  The most common being the relaxing sounds maximizes the flow of life’s energy.

Giving a wind chime as a sympathy gift is a gentle way to encourage healing. Many suggest hanging the wind chime in their departed loved one’s favorite place in the garden or yard. Some even encourage those grieving to talk to their departed loved one.

Margaret commented, “My wind chime sends me messages from heaven.  I can’t tell you the number of times an odd breezed has kicked up out of nowhere and rung my chime at the precise time I’ve asked my departed husband to show me a sign.”

Ted commented, “My daughter gave me a Woodstock wind chime after my wife died. Now I sit in our garden with a cup of tea and listen for the chimes. I find it so soothing.”

Grief is an individual journey. Always choose a sympathy gift that suits the individual and respects their culture and beliefs.

Best top 5 wind chime sympathy gifts

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