Healing through the power of books and words 

Sympathy Gift Series: Grief recovery books

Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one or the death of a pet, the Sympathy Gift Series books can help. Filled with healing affirmations and gentle guidance, each book offers comfort and guidance as you move forward, making a healthy grief recovery.

Benefits include:

  • Gentle guidance for a healthy recovery.
  • Comfort and support as you move forward through pet loss.
  • Healing affirmations for the loss of a loved one.
  • Guidance for children about losing a grandparent and what comes next.

Healing Books

Last Woof

Losing a beloved dog is hard, but with Last Woof, you'll be able to celebrate all the happy moments you shared. This uplifting book is filled with positive affirmations and beautiful photos, letting you focus on all the good times you had with your furry friend. With Last Woof, you can remember your dog fondly and continue to build upon all the wonderful memories you shared.

Target readers: 12+ and adults

Last Purr

When your cherished cat dies, it can feel like the world has ended. But Last Purr is here to help. Filled with heartwarming photos and positive affirmations, this book provides a roadmap to healing cat loss heartbreak and finding happiness again.

Target readers: 12+ and adults

Goodbye Grandma

Are you worried about how to explain Grandma's death to your kids? Say goodbye with the help of Goodbye Grandma. This helpful book features charming illustrations and age-appropriate photos that make discussing death a little easier for everyone. Plus, with helpful tips on what to do after Grandma's passing, Goodbye Grandma is a must-have for any grieving family.

Target readers: 5 - 12+

Goodbye Grandpa

Wondering how to talk to your kids about the passing of grandpa? Goodbye Grandpa is here to help. Featuring engaging illustrations and photos, this book makes difficult discussions about death, the funeral and what comes next a healing process for all. Families can talk, share and heal grief together with Goodbye Grandpa.

Target readers: 5 - 12+

Healing from Grief

Healing From Grief is the perfect book for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. Featuring uplifting affirmations and heartfelt pictures, this book gently inspires those mourning to find hope and healing from within.

Target readers: Adults

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Sympathy Gift Series gift boxes

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