This month our fashionistas present a wonderful collection of chic ashes pendants.  We understand the death of a loved one can call into question who you are without them. So, wearing ashes jewelry is a beautiful way to keep your departed one is close as you process your grief.

And thanks to modern jewelry making methods, ashes jewelry designs come in a range of fashionable styles. But you’re not limited to ashes pendants alone. Discover chic cremation ashes bracelets, rings, and earrings.

From chic to robust, feminine to masculine our hand-picked collection is sure to please.

Cremation urn jewelry options

Like the style but not the color? No problem. Select the design you like. Then simply check if it comes in either silver, gold, rose gold or black.

How to choose the perfect ashes pendant

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the urn jewelry choices, here’s our tip. Choose the design that works best for your personal style. Your departed loved one will be honored by your choice. 

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