You might be surprised to know that many people who have passed away believe in angels. If your loved one was one of those individuals, then browse our curated selection of angel cremation urns.

After a death in the family, children often ask innocent, yet difficult questions. Natural curiosity may even lead them to ask questions about death, Heaven and angels.


When my six-year-old asked, “Why is there an angel on grandma’s urn?” I answered, “Grandma is with the angels now, but she wants to remind us to be happy and think of her always in heaven.”


New York

When children ask questions about death many adults feel a twinge of anxiety. The natural instinct is to start explaining how death fits in with the family’s religious beliefs and cultural customs. While these are all important, start with the simple answer first. That way, if children need more details, they’ll ask additional questions. 

Giving simple answers encourages a child’s natural curiosity about death and what comes next without overwhelming them.

Two great books for guiding children through a discussion about death and what comes next are Goodbye Grandma and Goodbye Grandpa

What makes angel cremation urns special?

Here at Eulogy for Life, we like to think angel urns symbolize faith, hope and courage for those journeying through grief and loss.

Best cremation urns with angels

Let us help you find the perfect cremation urn for your departed loved one. Browse our hand-picked choices below or visit our website. We understand how important buying the best cremation urn at the right price is to you. 

Goodbye Grandma by Denise Gibb

Goodbye Grandma


  • Storybook style with true-to-life photos and illustrations
  • Encourages healthy grief recovery by sharing doing and talking
  • Lists 10 tips for processing grief
  • Ages 4 – 12

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Sad angel with hand on heart guarding a cremation urn.


Bronze angel guarding ashes box.


Beautiful angel hugging the cremation urn.


Angel wing silver adult urn.


Weeping angel cremation urn.


Silver angel preying on white urn.


Silver angel hugging white cremation urn.


Angel caring for infant cremation urn.



My angel baby

Teardrops slow and steady
the pain so real and true –
God took another Angel
And that Angel dear, was you.

Angel wings, upon the clouds
your body softly sleeps-
Hush now little one
no more tears you have to weep.

Christelle Dardaos

Eulogy For Life

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