Cremation urns with angels. Did your departed loved one believe in angles?

After a death in the family, children often ask innocent, yet difficult questions. Their natural curiosity leads them toward pondering subjects like Heaven and angels.


When my six-year-old asked, “Why is there an angel on grandma’s urn?” I answered, “Grandma is with the angels now, but she wants to remind us to be happy and think of her always in heaven.”


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When children ask questions about death the answer often involves discussions about the family’s religious beliefs and cultural customs. Give the simple answers first. When children need more details, they’ll ask additional questions. So let their natural curiosity about death and what comes after be your guide as to how much information to give at one time.

What makes angel cremation urns special?

Here at Eulogy for Life, we like to think angel urns symbolize faith, hope and courage for those journeying through grief and loss.

Best cremation urns with angels

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Our sincere condolences for your loss.


Goodbye Grandma by Denise Gibb

Goodbye Grandma


  • Storybook style with true-to-life photos and illustrations
  • Encourages healthy grief recovery by sharing doing and talking
  • Lists 10 tips for processing grief
  • Ages 4 – 12

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Australia – Cremation urns with angels

To date, not all cremation urn choices on Amazon are available in Australia. But here are four stylish options to start your search for the perfect cremation urn.

Our sincere condolences for your loss.