Who doesn’t love donuts? My dad called mom a donut magician. “Noone can make ‘em like your ma,” he used to say after the first bite.

So I guess it was fitting mom died on National Donut Day three years ago. Her loss devastated us all. Dad never recovered. His health went downhill fast. Within six months, he was in need of 24-hour care. It broke our hearts to put him in a home.

While my sis and I were sorting out mom and dad’s house, we found mom’s recipe card box. In it, her heavily guarded secret donut recipe.

From that day forward, we promised to celebrate National Donut Day by cooking mom’s recipe. Although dad can no longer feed himself, we pop a piece in his mouth. Speech is difficult, yet he manages to say, “Just like your ma’s.” That puts a smile on all our faces.

Happy National Donut Day.

Sissy and Grace.