Eulogy examples for difficult relationships

Speaking with honour, respect and remembrance

Eulogy for a difficult person


Writing about difficult relationships

Difficult relationships don’t cease when someone passes.  In fact, the task of writing their eulogy continues to push emotional triggers.

We recommend keeping the eulogy short and positive, yet truthful.

There are many ways to express difficult relationships while keeping the eulogy upbeat and respectful.

First, read the following opening and closing examples for difficult relationships.

Next, download our How to write a eulogy in 7 steps template in WORD or PDF. Following our step-by-step guide means you’ll have 500 words written in no time.

Eulogy for a difficult person

Openings for difficult people

Eulogy opening example 1:

Hand to heart – I thank you all for being here. We didn’t expect such a turnout.

For many who knew our beautiful, feisty daughter her diva-like behaviour was intolerable. But in our home, we managed Alison as a very honest person who wore her emotions on her sleeve. If we asked her a direct question, she gave a direct answer. While she said she ‘didn’t give a shit’ we did. And we never gave up on her.

Born 24 June 2000 – Alison arrived into the world making her presence felt. She was a noisy baby, a tantrum-filled toddler and a nightmare little girl – yet we surrounded her with unconditional love…

Eulogy opening example 2:

Only after I had my own kids did I finally understand dad worked seven days a week so I could play.

While sorting my father’s possessions, I found his old diaries. I didn’t know he started work at fifteen in a canning factory. His own father was an alcoholic. The small wage dad earned, was given to his mother so she could put food on the table.

When growing up dad was the quiet sultry figure too tired from work to play ball in the yard. To my brother and I, he was a ghost who appeared at meal times; an enigma who we tiptoed past in fear. But unbeknown to us, dad loved us deeply. He worked seven days a week, so we could play and go to college.

There is so much dad left unsaid; so much love left unspoken – a mistake I won’t make with my own boys.

Dad, if you can hear me, I love you, I forgive you, and I forgive me…

Eulogy opening example 3:

Speaking about my father is difficult. He was a force of nature, a storm of a man.

During his last days, if God himself appeared as a burning bush in his hospital room, Dad would have advised the Lord himself of his legal rights and how he alone could get him off any resulting arson charge.

Dad was the most tenacious man I knew, and as a boy, I feared him because I did not understand him…

Closings for difficult people

Eulogy closing example 1:

No, my mother was not perfect, but who in this world is? What I can say is my mother was perfectly herself – the warrior, the teacher, and a woman of great integrity. For that, I am ever grateful. Rest in peace mom.

Eulogy closing example 2:

So very tall and so very rude was the stranger’s view of my husband. But many of you rang to say how much you loved him. You remember the fabulous dinner parties and his strange experimental recipes. But I have to say, the recipe for his sea urchin guacamole tacos goes with him to the grave.

Yet, the majority tell me of my husband’s capacity joy. And I hope joyful is how you will all remember him.

Eulogy closing example 3:

Alison, you certainly caused no end of trouble. But give me the chance to raise you all over again, and I’d take it.  I am honoured to be your Mother, and I love you with all my heart.

May the angels keep you safe, and you my darling, may you give the angels some peace now and again.

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