How to give a eulogy speech

Speaking words of honour, respect and remembrance

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How to give a eulogy speech without crying

A eulogy speech that draws on stories from the heart is easier to deliver because it relies less on reading and more on recollection. As a result, the speech shines with authenticity and makes for a memorable tribute, even when you’re not a professional speaker.

As for holding back the tears, share snapshots and anecdotes of positive times that make you and those listening draw on the energy of happy memories

Take heart from the eulogy video examples shown here.

Key points to remember are:

1. Relax and let your personality shine
2. Rehearse before the day of the funeral
3. Stand strong (hold the lectern if need be)
4. Speak so others can hear (adjust the microphone)

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‘Funny and Wise’ Eulogy video

Delivering an engaging eulogy is easier than you think. You don’t even need to be a polished speaker. All anyone is expecting is honest and heartfelt.

‘Best Eulogy Ever’ video

In this video, a grandson eulogises his relationship with his grandfather. His candour and honesty are heartwarming.

Candid and unconventional eulogy video

Although the opening of this eulogy is unconventional and confronting, stay with it. In less than 3 minutes, a devoted wife honours her late husband by showing how unconditional marital love defined their relationship

Thank you for sharing on YouTube

 We are so grateful to all those who have bravely shared their most vulnerable moments on YouTube. By doing so, you’ve empowered others to face an audience and pay tribute to their departed loved one.

How to give a eulogy
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