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Speaking with honour, respect and remembrance

Planning to give a eulogy and don’t know where to start? Watching these eulogy videos can help.

We’ve selected some of the best for you.

Each one shows the power of storytelling and sharing heartfelt anecdotes.  But best of all, you don’t have to be a professional speaker to deliver a memorable eulogy when talking from the heart.

Aim to be your best self so that your words shine with love, honor and respect.

Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s moving eulogy to his father

Wrestling superstar-turned-actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson talks openly about the difficulty of writing his father’s eulogy. Heartfelt and heartbreaking, yet inspirational. See how The Rock overcame the challenge and delivered a powerful eulogy that touched the hearts of mourners everywhere.

The Rock delivering father's eulogy.
One of the best eulogies you’ll ever see.

This 12-minute eulogy is delivered by Alison, the daughter of Stg Scott Lunger. It is an excellent example of speaking from the heart; of being your best self.  Watch now and be inspired to say goodbye to your loved one in your own unique way.

8-Minute eulogy that’s both touching and hilarious

The Late Night talk show host, Craig Ferguson, delivers a eulogy for his father that is both touching and hilarious. He talks about the complicated relationship they had and how it changed over time. This video is a great example of how to deliver a memorable and meaningful eulogy.

Covering a lifetime in 12 minutes

This moving eulogy by Justin Trudeau is a must-watch for anyone who is delivering a eulogy or public speaking.

In just 12 minutes, Trudeau covers his father’s life and accomplishment. Justin’s father was Pierre Trudeau – the third-longest-serving prime minister in Canadian history.

Notice how Justin uses theatrical techniques to bring story elements to life.

Muhammad Ali was more than a boxer

He was a humanitarian and one of the most beloved public figures in history. His death has left a hole in all our hearts, but we can take comfort in the memories of his life.

Billy Crystal gives an emotional eulogy for his friend and captures Ali’s essence as a man who transcended sports and became a symbol of hope for people around the world. Watch it now to remember Ali’s legacy.

Rev. Al Sharpton’s eulogy to George Floyd

The controversy surrounding George’s death (June 5 2020) and the resulting riots made this a very difficult eulogy to write and deliver. It’s an outstanding example of addressing what mourners know to be true, yet speaking with integrity and respect. (Runs 26 mins)

What if you had the chance to write your own eulogy?

Most of us don’t think about it until it’s too late. Dean Woods, however, knew he was going to die from cancer and decided to take a different approach. He wrote and prerecorded his eulogy shortly before his death. Watch this powerful video to learn more.

Dean Woods Eulogy
It’s never easy to say goodbye.

Ron Santos talks about the difficulty of writing a eulogy for his long-time partner in WGN’s Cubs Radio booth, Pat Hughes.
Hear the full audio-only eulogy.

(Need help? Download our How to write a eulogy in 7 steps template in WORD or PDF.)

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