Eulogy Writing Services

How to write a funeral speech

Has the honor of writing a funeral speech or eulogy fallen on you? Would you like some help?

Whether you plan to give a traditional tribute or modern citation, talk to us. We can write the perfect eulogy to honor your departed loved one.

What is the benefit of hiring a eulogy writer?

We understand that grief not only plays havoc with your emotions, but it scrambles your thoughts too. So working with our speechwriter means we put into words what your heart is trying to say.

How does hiring a speechwriter work?

Working with our speechwriter is as easy as chatting with a friend. Plus, our easy, stress-free process gives comfort and peace of mind.

Eulogy Writing Service – 5 Steps 

In 5 Easy Steps, we’ll write the perfect funeral speech to honor your departed loved one.

Step 1: Saying 'Hello'

After you make contact, our speechwriter will Skype or email to chat about your eulogy needs.

Step 2: The Brief

If, after this chat, you proceed with our eulogy writing service, we email you our easy-to-complete eulogy questionnaire. (But before we can do that, we require payment in full.) The questions on our form capture the essential details about your departed loved one.  Plus, you’re free to add any additional content or photo you think will help our writer.

Step 3: Eulogy Writing

Once we receive your completed questionnaire, our writer pens the first draft of your eulogy and emails it to you.

Step 4: Eulogy Review

With the first draft in your hands, we recommend you read the eulogy aloud and time yourself. Don’t rush the reading. You want your funeral address to flow naturally and reflect your style and personality.  During your review, the question to ask is, “Does my eulogy portray what I most want to say about my departed loved one?”   Experience shows the best eulogies tell a story about the deceased. There is no need to cover every aspect of a departed loved one’s life. (Read more helpful tips here.)

Step 5: Completed

After we receive your Step 4 edits, our writer finalizes the eulogy and emails the completed speech back to you. While this completes the writing process, you’re free to make further changes on your own.

How much does our eulogy writing service cost?

To keep things simple, we offer our:

  • Silver Eulogy Writing Package, or
  • Gold Eulogy Writing Package.

But you may also like our Supreme Eulogy Package. 

What is the Supreme Eulogy Writing Package?

In addition to writing the perfect funeral speech, we turn your words into a stunning eulogy poster. You receive your eulogy poster as a pdf file  – giving you the freedom to print unlimited copies.

Some customers create a funeral scroll by rolling the eulogy poster and tying it off with a memorial ribbon. Others make a memorial gift by placing a copy of the eulogy poster inside a photo frame.  Either way, the eulogy poster gives you plenty of choices.

How is COVID-19 affecting funeral services?

At the time of writing (March 2020) self-isolation policies mean no large group gatherings.  To compensate, many funeral directors are dividing mourners into smaller groups and assigning them separate rooms. All watch the service from the monitor in each room.

If COVID-19 impacts on your departed loved one’s funeral service do not despair. Think ultra-modern and consider holding a virtual service using social media.

How to hold a funeral service using social media.

Invite friends and family to attend the funeral service via their phone on a specific day and time. Live stream the reading of your eulogy using your favorite social media account.  That way, the collective thoughts of all will gather, just as if they were together in the same room. Read our blog post.

Will my departed loved one be disappointed?

With the advent of COVID-19, strict rules now limit the number of in-person funeral attendees. Consequently, excluded family and friends find themselves grappling with guilt. Paying last respects to the dead is such an important ritual.

The good new is webcasting and livestreaming funeral services means those who can’t attend in-person can attend virtually. But even so, many families are asking, “Will my loved one be disappointed so few people could attend their funeral?”
While the answer to this question is no, there also needs to be a shift in thinking when it comes to funeral webcasts.

Many believe departed loved ones feel pure energy, much like the power in prayer or meditation. So, it stands to reason that if virtual funeral attendees focus their thoughts at the same time, love will reach the departed loved one irrespective of where each person is situated. What a comforting realization. For once, it truly is the thought that count.