German Shepherd urns for ashes come in all shapes and sizes. The style you choose depends on your taste and the final resting place for your dog’s ashes. But before you buy, it’s essential to know your dog’s weight. The size of your dog determines the quantity of ash after cremation.    

What size pet urn do I need? 

The rule of thumb for choosing the right size urn to store your  German Shepherd’s ashes is – for every one pound of weight you need one cubic inch of space, plus ten cubic inches for good measure. For example, if your German Shepherd weighed 70 pounds, you will need an urn that holds a minimum of 70 to 80 cubic inches of pet ashes.

Types of German Shepherd ashes urns

Many German Shepherd dog owners choose to either display, bury or scatter their pet’s ashes. We recommend choosing a pet urn that best suits the final resting place for the ashes. 

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Pet urns for display

Putting your German Shepherd’s ashes on display is a beautiful way to memorialize your much-loved dog.

Pet urn wood box style. The warmth of natural wood is a fitting tribute and looks good in any home. Plus sizes range from 45 cubic inches to 100 cubic inches.

Pet ashes urns with photos. Personalizing your pet’s urn with a photograph makes a touching tribute for honoring a faithful companion. Different colors are available.
German Shepherd figurine urns. These well-crafted figurine urn styles are very popular, plus this one holds up to 150 pounds of pet cremains.

Burial urns for pets

When buying a pet urn for burial, look for strength.  The urn needs to withstand ground forces so that it doesn’t collapse when buried. Or the green alternative is to use a biodegradable pet urn.  Over time your dog’s ashes and the urn become one with the earth.

Brass pet urns. Perfect for display or burial. The design is both strong and stylish. Many color options available.
Biodegradable pet urns. Eco-friendly pet ashes urns break down over time. Made from natural products, they leave no trace. Perfect for burying your dog in his or her favorite place.
If you’re choosing a natural burial for your dog, eco-friendly cocoons are a lovely way to say goodbye. Burial shrouds, unlike a pet’s blanket, keep your beloved dog’s body wrapped up and safe during transport.
Burial shrouds. Perfect for home burials and creating a memorial service fit for all the family to view. Sizes small to large.

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Scattering tubes for ashes

Scatter tubes for pet ashes are of dual purpose. Choosing a stylish design means you can display the ashes at home until you’re ready to say your last goodbye.

Scattering tubes. Choose biodegradable and you’ve got the option of scattering or burying your dog’s ashes.

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Keepsakes for pet ashes

If you decide to bury or scatter your pet’s ashes,  we recommend keeping aside a small quantity of cremains. That way you can place some in a beautiful miniature keepsake. Holding a token of your faithful companion will help heal your heartbreak.

Dog ashes mini keepsake urns. Small cremation urns are a wonderful way for all the family to hold and treasure the memory of a faithful dog.

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Pet ashes pendants. Keep the memory of your much-loved dog alive in your heart. Store a small portion of your German Shepherd’s ashes in a stylish pet ashes pendant.

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Shout out to a local hero

We know how heartbreaking it is to lose a much-loved German Shepherd. So we thought we’d share a heartwarming story. Our big shout goes to Mike Ritland, retired US Navy Seal. He rescues unadoptable retired military K9s and rehabilitates them so they can live a happy civilian life. Visit the German Shepherd Dog Community Facebook page.

Mike Ritland The German Shepherd Community Facebook page image.

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