Talking about death doesn’t have to be grim. In fact, talking about death can be dead funny. Comedian Cariad Lloyd does it every week as part of her bereavement podcast Griefcast.

Each week Cariad invites fellow funny people to talk about the death of someone they loved – Sarah Pascoe, David Baddiel and Bobby Mair to name a few. But Griefcast isn’t an hour of weeping. Much healing comes from the relief and release of shared laughter about death.

Cariad is warm candid and honest about death in her interviews. The idea for the Griefcast came about in 2016 before the birth of Cariad’s first child. She started the podcast as a side project hoping “maybe 10 people would listen” but quickly it became a chart-topping hit.

At the 2018 British Podcast awards, Griefcast won the Best Entertainment and Best Interview gongs, as well as Podcast of the Year.

We know from the stories and emails we receive at Eulogy For Life, that talking about death in a uplifting way helps ease the heartache of loss.

Griefcast gives positive, upbeat examples of how others deal with loss and grief.

Griefcast episodes we think you might like to hear are:

Grief Cast IconComedian Robert Webb makes listeners laugh with an impression of his late grandma.


Grief Cast IconWriter and comedian Sarah Pasco talks about the death of her grandfather as a child.


Grief Cast IconStand-up writer Lou Conran talks about the death of her baby when she was just five and a half months pregnant. They discuss grief, ashes and going to the right funeral.


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