Happy National Donut Day

Happy National Donut Day is almost here. If ever you needed an excuse to eat a doughnut, June 7 is it.
Along with honoring the World War I origins of National Donut Day, we’ve put together some fun ideas to make you a National Donut Day legend with co-workers, family and friends.  Plus, we found the most popular healthy National Donut Day recipes. No tastebuds need miss out on doughnuts because of food allergies or dietary restrictions.

What does National Donut Day mean?
How to celebrate National Donut Day
Where to get free doughnuts on National Donut Day
National Donut Day Gift Ideas
Healthy National Donut Day recipes

Wartime doughnut making

What does National Donut Day mean?

National Donut Day stems back to World War I (WWI). In 1917, Salvation Army volunteer workers Margaret Sheldon and Helen Purviance were sent to assist US troops. Upon their arrival in France the “Donut Girls”—as they became known—found US soldiers to be miserable and homesick. Determined to boost morale, yet limited to war rations of flour, sugar, and oil, Margaret and Helen we inspired to make doughnuts. The mouth-watering aroma of frying doughnuts soon spread throughout the camp. One hundred and fifty happy doughnut smiles soon turned into 9000 doughnut smiles per day.

Doughnuts made a comeback during the Great Depression (1938). The Salvation Army’s Chicago chapter revived the WWI doughnut-making tradition to spread cheer and to raise money for people in need. The single day event was so successful National Donut Day was born.

When World War II began (1939), the Red Cross continued the doughnut-serving tradition overseas. Today, many Salvation Army chapters celebrate feeding those in need by handing out free doughnuts using the original WWI recipe.

(Photo source: National World War I Museum and Memorial)

Young boy enjoys chocolate donut on National Donut Day

How to Celebrate Nation Donut Day

It’s time to bust out your fryers and plan some doughnut fun.

  1. Make doughnuts
    Make doughnuts at home using the original WWI recipe. Share them with family, friends and co-workers asking all to send happy thoughts to all in the armed and volunteer services.
  2. Celebrate the spirit of charity
    Celebrate the spirit of charity that gave rise to this holiday by volunteering for the local Salvation Army or another non-profit organization that works with the armed forces.
  3. Visit the National WWI Museum and Memorial
    “Dough-not miss your chance to enjoy Krispy Kreme doughnuts beginning at 10 a.m. at the Museum and Memorial Main Entrance (while supplies last). More details.
  4. Bring doughnuts to the office
    Put a smile on your co-worker’s faces and get their weekend off to a sweet start.
  5. Doughnut decorating party
    Invite friends over for a doughnut decorating party. Create categories like most creative, most festive, most outrageous, most tasty. Be sure to share your favorites with us on our Eulogy for Life Facebook page.
  6. Treat yourself to a FREE doughnut
    Treat yourself to a free doughnut at local participating doughnut stores.

Where to get free doughnuts on National Donut Day

Doughnut makers across America use National Donut Day to thank customers by offering free or discounted doughnuts to those who enter their stores. This is for one day only—June 7.
As you bite into your free doughnut bliss, send happy thoughts into the world—especially to the men and women who continue to serve in the armed forces. Thanks to them, and their those who fought in WWI and WWII we have the freedom to indulge in doughnuts. Remember too, all Salvation Army Donut Girls. Their inventiveness set the foundation for the postwar doughnut-making boom.

America’s top 10 doughnut stores.
Conditions may apply on National Donut Day. Some stores may offer ‘one free donut with the purchase of any beverage’.

Krispy Kreme. Locate a store.

  1. Dunkin Donuts. Locate a store.
  2. Shipley Donuts. Locate a store.
  3. Tim Hortons. Locate a store.
  4. Voodoo Donuts. Locate a store.
  5. Daylight Donuts. Locate a store.
  6. Entenmann’s Donuts. Locate a store.
  7. Winchell’s Donuts. Locate a store.
  8. LaMar’s Donuts. Locate a store.
  9. Honey Dew Donuts. Locate a store.

National Donut Day Gift Ideas

Make National Donut Day fun for everyone—even those with food allergies, or dietary restrictions.
And if you can’t excite a loved one’s tastebuds, delight their sense of fun with a National Donut Day gift.

Healthy National Donut Day recipes

Do you have co-workers, friends or family members with food allergies or dietary restrictions? ‘Dough-not’ let them miss out on the National Donut Day. Surprise them with home-made doughnuts everyone will love.

Watch The Keto King. See how easy it is to make scrumptious healthy gluten-free, low-carb doughnuts.
Amy’s Kitchen features over 30 scrumptious healthy donut recipes.

Diabetics will need low-carb, sugar-free doughnuts. Those with Celiac disease will need gluten-free doughnuts (plus dairy free for some).

If you’re short on time, try a healthy paleo doughnut premix. Or source alternative flours online.
Making those with food allergies and dietary issues feel included is a lovely way to say happy National Donut Day.

Happy National Donut Day

Excite the senses. Tease the tastebuds. There is always tomorrow to be good. Make National Donut Day a happy occasion for everyone.

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