After losing a loved one, making everyday decisions is overwhelming – none more so than choosing a cremation urn color. If you’re struggling with this very problem, let your departed loved one’s personality guide your color choice.

In the 1920s psychologist, William Moulton Marston developed the Disc method of personality behavior. His theory grouped people into four personality traits: Dominance, Influence, Conscientious and Steadiness.  In 1940, Walter Clarke added color to these four personality traits: red (Dominance), yellow (Influence), blue (Conscientious) and green (Steadiness).

Statistically, 80 per cent of the population has two colors to their personality, not just one. But to simplify choosing the perfect cremation urn, identify the color that best matches your departed loved one’s main character traits.

Blue Cremation Urns for Analytical Blues

Was your departed loved one calm, level-headed; the think before you speak type? Would you describe them as diligent, thoughtful, serious, persistent, and methodical? Did they prefer to keep others at a distance, often had closed body language, always used direct eye contact and often spoke without gestures?

Choose a blue cremation urn to remind you of all the positive personality traits you loved.

Famous blue personalities include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein.

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Green Cremation Urns for Stable Greens

Was your departed loved one laid back and friendly yet, on the flip side, anxious and unclear? Would you describe them as supportive, positive, respectful, obliging, reliable and pleasant? Did they enjoy closeness, use friendly eye contact and gestures when talking?

Famous green personalities include Mahatma Gandhi, Michelle Obama and Chris Pratt.

Choose a green cremation urn to remind you of all the positive personality traits you loved.

Red Cremation Urns for Dominant Reds

Was your departed loved one commanding and like to take charge? Would you describe them as pushy, strict, stringent, dominant and hard? Did they give powerful handshakes, lean into conversations and use direct eye contact?

Famous red personalities include Barack Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Margaret Thatcher.

Choose a red cremation urn to remind you of all the positive personality traits you loved.

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Yellow Cremation Urns for Inspiring Yellows

Was your departed loved one creative, funny and upbeat? Were they prone to taking over the conversation and adding color regardless of it being true or false? Would you describe your departed love one as inspiring, stimulating, enthusiastic, dramatic, and outgoing?

Famous yellow personalities include Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Robin Williams.

Choose a yellow cremation urn to remind you of all the positive personality traits you loved.

Rules for Choosing Cremation Urn Colors

Ultimately, what matters most is choosing a cremation urn color that pleases you. There are no rules. In its simplest form, a cremation urn is a vessel of healing. The color, shape and style should all envoke fond memories of your departed loved one.

What Urn Color is Best for Complicated Relationships?

And for anyone describing their relationship with their departed loved as complicated, knowing more about the DISC method of personality behavior might help.

Psychologist Thomas Erkison’s runaway bestseller Surrounded by Idiots focuses on how we interact and perceive the people around us. Those we deem as idiots are often people with a different behavior profile and system of communication to us. By understanding others, we can better understand ourselves in times of happiness and grief.

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