If it’s not ‘What is urn jewelry?’ then we’re asked ‘How to fill jewelry urns’.  To explain, cremation urn jewelry looks as stylish and sophisticated as regular jewelr, but with one difference. Inside is a hidden chamber able to hold keepsake cremation ashes. Specifically, urn jewelry – sometimes called mourning jewelry – is the perfect way to keep the memory of a loved one or cherished pet close.

Today, keep the majority of ashes in a large cremation urn while setting aside a small portion to fill urn jewellery or mini keepsake urns. Providing each person with their own personal ashes jewelry gift allows each person a chance to hold their loved one’s memory close.

Until recently, funeral homes and crematoriums dealt with ashes, including dividing them. But with soaring demands for cremation services, many families are openly talking about what to do with a loved one’s ashes. This includes actively transferring the ashes into a beautiful cremation urn or dividing a portion of the ashes into smaller keepsake urns or filling mourning jewelry themselves.

Learning how to fill jewelry urns with cremation ash is simple. In fact, the process can bring much-needed healing and comfort.

5 Easy Steps

Step 1. Determine where to load ash into your jewelry urn
Step 2. Layout tools and supplies
Step 3. Prepare the cremation ash
Step 4. Filling urn jewelry with ash
Step 5. Sealing urn jewelry with glue

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Filling jewerly urns step-by-step

Human ashes (cremains) are safe to handle. While some people prefer to wear a mask, others don’t. The choice is yours. Just be sure you choose a work area protected from drafts or unexpected gusts of wind.

Step 1. Determine where to load ash into your jewelry urn

First, determine where to load the cremation ash. Most urn jewelry makers use one of three loading methods.

1. Top loaded jewelry urn with a twist off cap
2. Back-loaded jewelry urn with a screw cap
3. Bottom or side-loaded jewelry urn with a screw cap

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Step 2. Layout tools and supplies

Filling all three types of jewelry urns is a similar process. You’ll need some tools and supplies. Most of which you’ll already have.
(Many jewelry urn suppliers provide free ash filling kits, or you can buy online.)
• a small towel
• thin sheet of paper
• toothpick
• small funnel
• sieve (optional)
• small flat head screwdriver
• small plastic spoon
• clothes peg
• glue
• cremation ashes

Step 3. Prepare the cremation ash

Urn jewelry holds a token amount of ash (less than a quarter of a teaspoon.) Aim for selecting fine grains.

Spread a small portion of cremains on the paper.

With the spoon or sieve, remove any larger chunks of ash.

Open the ash chamber using the flat head screwdriver.

Step 4. Filling urn jewelry with ash

Keep both hands free by using the peg to hold the jewelry urn upright.

Scoop up a small amount of fine ash with the spoon.
Place the funnel in the urn opening.
Spoon ashes into the funnel.
Gently tap the ashes funnel.

Use a toothpick to push or clear the ash in the funnel.
Do NOT fill the ashes jewelry chamber to the top. Aim for 80% full. (This allows clearance for the screw cap.)

Using a toothpick, clear away any ashes lodged in the threads.
The cap should screw back in and sit flush.

Close the cap using a screwdriver to tighten it.

Step 5. Sealing urn jewelry with glue

After loading the ashes, many people prefer to seal urn jewelry with glue. Following these steps will ensure a good result.

When sealing with glue, only screw the cap down 80%.
Using a toothpick, spread a clear drying glue under the screw head.
Immediately tighten the screw cap. Ensure the screw sits flush.
Wipe clean with a cloth to remove any excess glue.
Wait 24 hours before wearing, giving the glue time to dry.

For twist off top pendants, glue the cap into the correct position, so the pendant lays flat against your skin when on the chain.

Urn jewelry aftercare

Every so often, check to make sure the screw cap is tight. Unless specified ‘waterproof’ avoid wearing cremation jewelry while showering or swimming.

Make filling urn jewelry a healing process

Many families make filling cremation jewelry a healing process. These are just some of the comments we’ve received.

“My sister did the filling while my brother and I told favourite stories about mum.”
“Dad was a big part of all our lives. Each having a pendant of his ashes means he stays close to all our hearts.”
“The thought of dealing with grandma’s ashes crept me, but mum talked me through it. The sense of comfort I felt was incredible. It was like grandma was in the room with us.”
“I gave my grandson an ashes bracelet after his ‘Poppy’ died. It helped him understand ‘Poppy’s’ love would always be with him.

Cremation urn jewelry online

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