How to give a eulogy

Keep your eulogy simple, with a clear beginning middle and end. Focus on one theme, your departed loved one, and eliminate everything else.

Uplifting personal anecdotes; stories that capture your loved one’s personality paint a picture of a lifetime in seconds.

Eulogies written using stories from the heart are easier to deliver because the speaker relies less on reading and more on sharing lived experiences. This creates genuine emotion the audience easily connects with.

Watch this 3-minute YouTube example. There is no need to be a professional speaker to engage your audience when eulogy anecdotes come from the heart.

By sharing upbeat stories about your loved one, you’ll arouse emotions and begin the grief healing process for everyone listening.

When people feel the words, they don’t forget your message because it triggers happy recollections of their own about your departed loved one.

Watch this YouTube eulogy example. A grandson speaks about his relationship with his grandfather. His honesty is heartwarming.

Watch this YouTube eulogy example. The opening is unconventional if not confronting at first. Stay with it. In less than 3-minutes, you’ll hear how a devoted wife honors her late husband. She defines what unconditional marital love meant to her and how deeply she’ll miss her husband. (You may need tissues.)

When writing a eulogy, speak from the heart. When delivering a eulogy be your best you.

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