Are you looking for an affordable cremation urn worthy of holding the memory of your loved one? Great, because we’ve been busy handpicking the best low-cost urns.

Not only are these urns a thrifty choice, but they look like a million dollars.


Key points

  • Price is no longer a measure of love when selecting cremation urns.
  • Choose the urn size by its ashes holding capacity (cubic inches)
  • Select biodegradable urn material for green ground burials, water burials or when scattering ashes.
  • Compromising on price doesn’t mean compromising on style.

Urn price is no longer a measure of love

So much has changed because of the COVID pandemic. For this reason, how much you spend on your departed loved one’s cremation urn is no longer a measure of your love and devotion.
Top dollar or low-cost, the price tag isn’t important. What matters most is that the style, shape, color and price that works best for your situation.

Goodbye Grandma

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  • Explains the funeral and what comes next
  • Encourages healthy grief recovery as a family
  • Lists 10 tips for processing grief
  • Suits 4-12 years

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 Before you buy your bargain urn

  • Choose the correct urn capacity (cubic inches)
    Bodyweight before death determines the volume of ashes.
    The rule of thumb is 1 pound bodyweight = 1 cubic inch. So, if your loved one weighed 180 pounds, you’ll need a cremation urn that holds 180 cubic inches or more.
  • Check the measurements
    Check the height, width and depth of the cremation urn if its final resting place is in a niche, vault or columbarium. (See video.)
  • Match the urn material to your memorial purpose
    If you’re planning to bury ashes or scatter them over the land, a lake, or sea then choose urns made with biodegradable materials.

Beautiful urns under $100

Here’s a snapshot of four handpicked cremation urns for under $100. For anyone on a budget, these urns represent style with a price tag you can afford.

Stylish urns under $50

What a bargain. These stylish little treasures are $50 or less.  For anyone on a tight budget, these urn prices are a steal.

Budget biodegradable urns

Whether you’re planning a water ceremony, arranging the scattering of ashes, or a private burial, choose an urn made from biodegradable materials.  That way you get peace of mind you’re laying your loved one’s ashes to rest in style while caring for the planet.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during these unprecedented times. Condolences for your loss. Stay COVID-Safe.

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