Openings and Closings

Eulogy openings and closings examples

Are you stuck for the right eulogy words? Can’t think how to open or close your departed loved one’s eulogy?
Grief makes your thoughts foggy, so be kind to yourself.

Writing a eulogy can feel overwhelming.  Most people ask, “How do you condense a lifetime into a few short minutes?”
Others say, “If only I could think of what to say to open the eulogy and then the rest will follow.”
Perhaps before putting pen to paper, view our How to write a Eulogy page.

How to Write a Eulogy in 7 Steps template

Download our How to Write a Eulogy in 7 Steps template in Word or PDF.   The information is quick and easy to read.

Our easy 7 step template will fast-track your writing. We give you sections to fill in and an example to follow.  When complete you’ll have the first draft of your eulogy written.

With the first draft is on paper you can add anecdotes, reflect and edit until you have a truly unique eulogy that honors your departed loved one.

Should you be a confident writer looking for inspiration – read our example eulogy openings and closings to spark ideas.

We’ve purposely chosen inspiring down-to-earth examples in an effort to show how everyday people can be extraordinary when speaking from the heart.

Still looking for eulogy inspiration? Read Pulitzer Prize winner Jim Sheeler’s ‘Obit”.  You’ll discover every single person has a story. Jim’s writing gives delightful examples of how ordinary people are amazing even though they didn’t become famous. 


Eulogy opening example 1:

Every day I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful husband. No words can express how much I’ll miss him…

Eulogy opening example 2:

To our children, Peter was a storybook father. To our grandchildren, Peter was a superhero in a dressing gown. To all of us here Peter was a best friend, colleague … and so much more.

Peter was a natural at making people feel comfortable, secure and loved.

Eulogy opening example 3:

Ninety-eight years of age. What an innings.

Raymond was an extraordinary man who saw life in the simplest of terms. Good food, exercise and the company of people who love you for you.

Raymond was my dad’s best friend, but since dad passed 10 years ago I’m honoured to be here speaking about Raymond on behalf of dad and myself.

Eulogy opening example 4:

Like a tiny foot on a drum, little Skye tapped a soft beat with her foot inside me. For 34 weeks I felt her calm, gentle soul in unison with mine. Mother and daughter together waiting for the birth day – to live our dreams for each other. But one day, my little drummer girl fell silent.

Skye was born 4.00 am and placed into my arms – her little feet still; her heart silent. The doctors told me she would be stillborn, but I wanted to honor our 34 weeks together with a natural birth; to hold her in my arms and say, “I did my best little one, but the angels have you now.”

Eulogy opening example 5:

“Children and dogs love him.” That’s my grandpa. 

My childhood memories of grandpa are as lively and vivid today as they were back then.  My favorite: the days he’d race us out into the back yard, scoop me and my brother under one arm each and spin us around until we both squealed with laughter, or my brother threw up.

Quick as a flash Grandpa would sit us down and whisper to my brother, “Don’t tell ma you threw up because none of us will get any supper.” And we’d burst out laughing.


Eulogy closing example 1:

My dearest darling Angie, we will miss you forever, but know we’ll hug each other again when our angels call. Take comfort in the light and rest in peace, my darling girl.

Eulogy closing example 2:

Goodbye, my precious girl—I know you’re smiling your cheeky grin and waving down at us from heaven. You’re forever in our hearts.

Eulogy closing example 3:

While I’m sure Grandpa is up in heaven secretly smiling hearing me brag about how much I love and miss him, he was never one for self-pity or overindulging in sentiment. Instead, he’d say things to me like, ‘Put your dancing shoes on because there is a wonderful world out there waiting for you.”

Eulogy closing example 4:

Grandma Mable, you impacted my life in so many ways. The strong mother I am today is because of you.  My children know generosity, love and respect because of you.
We will always love you, and you’ll live on forever in our hearts. 

Eulogy closing example 5:

And you, too, can be family to those who don’t have the ones they should. 

Jenny always said, “Be kind; be generous.” She opened her home, shared her wisdom and laughter. Jenny showed me what it truly means to love unconditionally. I love you Jenny and will miss you forever.

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