Pet Ashes into Keepsakes Review

Always close to my heart – pet keepsakes

Transferring pet ashes into a keepsake is a beautiful way to keep your departed pet close to your heart. 

What is a pet keepsake? Any small item belonging to a pet that is kept in honor of their memory.  Common keepsakes include collars, a snippet of hair, name tags, leads, and ashes (cremains). 

Pet keepsakes for cremation ashes are vessels that hold a token amount of the pet’s cremainsMini keepsake urns, for example, can hold 3 tablespoons of ash while keepsake jewelry holds less than one teaspoon.

Mini keepsake urns also come in matching sets of 4 – perfect if family members want a keepsake to honor in a way that is special to them.

Pet Ashes Jewelry

Pet ashes jewelry is an alternative to mini keepsake urns – especially for family members who want to keep their beloved pet close. 

Pendant necklaces can be bought singularly or in sets of 2,  4 or 6 – dependant on the style and brand.  

Pet jewelry featured on Amazon is crafted by artisans who understand the line between traditionart and death 

Discrete miniature airtight ash chambers concealed in pendants, earring, bracelets, rings and keyrings make pet jewelry highly fashionable.  

Filling the Tiny Ash Chamber is Easy

Ashes Funnel KitMost pet jewelry piece purchases come with a free ashes funnel kit. Transferring ash into the keepsake is like filling a salt shaker. Place the funnel over the jewelry opening and using a teaspoon pour ash into the funnel. 

After filling the pet jewelry with ashseal the lid with clear drying glue for added peace of mind.  

The topselling pet jewelry brands include HooAMI, Cremation Jewelry,  Memorial Jewelry, and CoCo Park.   

Keeping your beloved pet’s memory close is as simple as wearing beautiful jewelry.  Mourn in private, or wear your pet ashes jewelry to let others know you’re grieving.  

If someone close to you or a work colleagues is grieving for a pet, keepsake jewelry makes a thoughtful gift. 

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