Pet Cremation Urn Review

Pet urn designs, styles, and colors

Thanks to new manufacturing and printing technology pet cremation urns come in a huge variety of shapes, designs, styles and colors.

Printing on materials like wood, brass, pewter, stone, ceramic, glass, metal alloys, composite plastics and biodegradable compounds was once impossible. Not anymore. But selecting your pet’s urn is not only about choosing the shape, colour and design you like. You need to ask, “What is my memorial purpose?” and “How am I planning to honor my pet’s body?” For most people, there are two options – pet cremation or pet body burial.

Pet cremation means deciding to keep the ashes and display them or bury them. Pet body burial means deciding to lay your pet to rest in a casket on private property or in a pet cemetery. In either case, the urn material type is essential. The pet urn needs to suit the memorial purpose.

Best urn material types to store and display pet ashes are biodegradable compounds, ceramics, cold resin, marble, various metals, stone or wood. Also, ensure the exterior finish withstands indoor or outdoor conditions.

Best urn material types to bury pet ashes are biodegradable compounds, ceramics, marble, various metals, stone or wood. Pet urns suited to burial are robust and designed to withstand the ground forces exerted on them once buried.

The best urns to bury a pet’s body are caskets. Choose caskets made from wood, biodegradable compounds or non-biodegradable compounds. (Some pet cemeteries request specific urn material types. Pet burial on private property may also be subject to municipal regulations. 

Biodegradable Pet Urns

Many biodegradable pet urns come ‘seeded’. That means the package contains seeds to grow a plant or tree in honor of your pet.

Bio urns are popular among families with young children. The ritual off burying a beloved pet’s ashes, dealing with grief and growing a tree to commemorate a pet’s life is a crucial life lesson for children. Dealing with a pet’s loss helps children build resilience and develop the skills to deal with adversity.

Pet memorial purpose: Suits ground burial.

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On the flip side, biodegradable urn designs can also be vibrant and fun. Eco-friendly pet urns degrade within 5 to 8 years and leave no trace. They’re a perfect choice for anyone planning to display the urn until they are ready to bury their beloved pet’s ashes in their final resting place.

Pet memorial purpose: Suits ground burial.

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Ceramic Pet Urns

If you’re looking for a stand-out-different pet urn, ceramic pet urns offer the best selection. The variety of colours, shapes, and designs makes these pet urns works of art – a fitting tribute to a pet who has given a lifetime of unconditional love.

When buying a ceramic urn most will feature push down lids – some with rubber seals to make them airtight and others without. Most manufacturers recommend placing ashes in a bag inside the urn and then glueing the ceramic lid shut. This ensures an airtight fit and prevents the lid from coming off. (Use a clear drying glue.)

Pet memorial purpose: long-term display or ground burial.

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Gold Cast Resin Pet Urns

Cold-casting is the process of mixing metal powder with a polymer resin to make pet urns look like solid metal.  The cold-casting technique enables urn artisans to create superbly crafted figurines with exquisite detail.  The result is stylish pet figurines pet owners love.

Here’s what one happy Amazon customer’s 5-star rating comment. Better than perfect!!!! I was truly amazed how detailed and exact this looked like my boxer!

Pet memorial purpose: long-term display

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Marble Pet Urns

Marble is prestigious, natural and enduring – making it a popular choice for pet urns destined for burial, display in a pet cemetery niche, indoors or outdoors in a home garden. Pure marble features a striped pattern with hues of black, white, neutrals and greens. Marble urn styles range from traditional urn shapes to ultra-modern geometric design.

Marble Pet UrnBy nature, pure marble is heavy. To reduce the urn weight and make shipping affordable, many pet urn manufactures formulate a marble look-alike compound using limestone mixed with a synthetic polymer. The result looks and feels like marble without the weight or added expense.

Pet memorial purpose: long-term display (indoor or outdoors) or burial.

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Metal Pet Urns

Gone are the days of boring metal pet urns that tarnish. Today’s stylish enamel finishes over brass, pewter or alloy metal can turn a mere metal pet urn into work of art.

Metal Pet UrnAdd hi-tech scratch resistant lacquer coatings that won’t dull, and even brass pet urns can become a pet style statement.

Pet memorial purpose: long-term display (mostly indoors) or burial

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Stone Pet Urns

Stone Pet UrnPure stone like marble, onyx, and granite is heavy. To reduce the urn weight and make shipping affordable, many pet urn manufactures make a hybrid stone or stone look-alike finish using clay powder mixed with a synthetic polymer resin.  This results in superbly crafted stone pet urns everyone loves.

Pet memorial purpose: long-term display (mostly indoors) or burial

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Wood Box Pet Urns

Box Urn for PetsBeautifully carved wood pet urn boxes are a long-standing tradition. Affordable prices, selection of wood types, colors and design make wood pet urns a popular choice.  But you’ll find not all wood pet urn boxes come with a lining. The solution: place the ashes in an urn ashes bag first. This will keep the ashes airtight and prevent any accidental spillage should the urn open or fall.

Laser Image Pet UrnRecent hi-tech laser printing takes personalizing pet urns to a new level.

Adding a favorite pet photograph (monochrome or color) onto an urn box made of marble, stone, wood and biodegradable material is a beautiful way to honor a faithful friend.

Pet memorial purpose: long-term display (mostly indoors) or burial.

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Pet Caskets

Pet CasketPet caskets range from beautifully carved wooden coffins to biodegradable and non-biodegradable air-tight, and waterproof caskets. Inside, most pet caskets feature a lined interior along with an elegant pillow and mattress. Most offer a choice of blue, pink or neutral soft finishing colors.

Pet CasketPet caskets come in a range of sizes from small to large. Even price conscious options don’t lack in design and style.

(Keep in mind pet burial on private property may be subject to municipal regulations. Read more.)

Our Message to You

We’re confident knowing this information will help you choose the perfect pet cremation urn; one that expresses your pet’s personality, yet pays homage to a long-serving faithful friend.

If you’d like to tell your pet memorial story and share what measures you took to help your family grieve, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you. Attach pictures too.

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