Pet Cremation Urn Vs Pet Burial Urn

Pet cremation urn or pet burial urn?

“What is the difference between a pet cremation urn and a pet burial urn?” Many ask this question.

A pet cremation urn is any vessel designed to hold ashes from a cremated body (cremains) and is suitable for display indoors or outdoors.

A pet burial urn is any vessel designed to hold ashes from a cremated body and is suitable for ground burial.

Displaying pet ashes

Most people choose a beautiful cremation urn to reflect their pet’s personality, yet coordinate with their home or office’s interior decor. 

Pet cremation urns made from ceramic, cold-cast resin, marble, metal, stone and wood best suit home or office memorial displays

Those who display their pet’s ashes in a pet cemetery niche choose cremation urns designed to fit the space and withstand any environmental elements. Marble, stone and non-biodegradable urns are best.

Burying Pet Ashes

Burying Pet AshesMost people who bury their pet’s ashes opt for a less decorative cremation urn, yet place a lovely memorial marker on the ground above their pet’s ashes.

Biodegradable Pet UrnBiodegradable pet urns that take 5 to 8 years to degrade are proving popular.  Display indoors or outdoors, these urns will look good until the owner is ready to say a final goodbye by burying the ashes.

Bio UrnsSeeded biodegradable pet cremation urns are the latest trend. They’re popular with families who wish to plant a tree or grow flowers as a way of memorialising their much-loved family pet.

Pet Cremation Urn or Human Cremation Urn?

Pet Cremation Urn or Human Cremation Urn?The only differences between pet and human cremation ashes urns are the sizes, designs and memorial verses.

When people ask us if it is okay to buy a human cremation urn for a pet, we say yes. The two are interchangeable – especially with modern urn designs. (For example ANHPI-Urns.)

We always say it is what is in your heart and mind that counts, not the label on the cremation urn.

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