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Welcome to Eulogy for Life, where your journey of remembrance begins with a simple step: shop our mindfully curated collection. We carefully selected each cremation urn, ashes jewelry piece, and memorial item to help you honor your departed loved one or cherished pet. As you shop with us, you’re not just making a purchase but finding a special tribute.

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Why Shop at Eulogy For Life?

We offer you mindfully curated cremation urns and remembrance products. When you choose from us, you not only find a fitting tribute, but you get peace of mind.

  • Curated urn collection: Choosing from our curated selection makes finding the perfect urn to honor your loved one or pet easier.
  • Reliable shopping experience: Browse and buy with the peace of mind that comes from using Amazon’s trusted payment and delivery services, guaranteeing a secure and satisfactory transaction.
  • Convenient shopping: Experience the ease of shopping from the privacy of your home as your chosen tribute is delivered swiftly and safely to your doorstep, simplifying this part of your grief and loss journey.


 Choose a category to shop

During this difficult period of mourning, we’ve thoughtfully organized our cremation urn collection into categories based on color and theme to gently assist and ease the decision-making process for you.

We understand how overwhelming choices can feel when you’re grieving, and our goal is to offer a compassionate, supportive path to finding the perfect urn.

How to shop for the right cremation urn

Three things to check before buying a cremation urn.

Cubic volume

Can the urn hold all the ashes? You’ll need one cubic inch (ci) per pound of body weight.

  • mini keepsake urns (3 tablespoons)
  • Small urns (50 – 100 ci) pets/children
  • Large urns (200 ci) adults
  • Extra-large urns (300-400 ci) adults/couples
Height & width

Will the urn fit in its final resting place?


Does the urn material suit the purpose? e.g. display indoors, burial, niche or columbarium.

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