Sympathy Gift Basket Review

Nothing brings joy more than a sympathy gift basket brimming with delicious treatsPlus, it is double the joy for you when you see the bereaved smile.

But sympathy gift baskets aren’t only about delicious food and sweet treats. Stylish gift baskets filled with bath and body lotions can also bring welcome relief to grief-stricken minds and bodies.

Yet, with all the delicious and beautiful choices of gift baskets on Amazon few are labelled sympathy gift baskets. This is where your creativity and ingenuity as a thoughtful gift giver comes in. 

How to repurpose a gift basket to a sympathy gift basket

Overall gift baskets on Amazon fall into one of five categories. Most are suitable for repurposing as a sympathy gift. For example: 

  1. Gourmet sympathy gift baskets
  2. Sweet treats sympathy gift baskets 
  3. Healthy snacks sympathy gift baskets 
  4. Bath and body sympathy gift baskets 
  5. Fresh flowers sympathy gift baskets 

When repurposing a gift basket as a sympathy gift basket:  

  1. Check there are no specific messages written on the packaging and ribbons. For example, ‘welcome’, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ or ‘Happy Easter’ 
  2. Check the customer reviews and choose a 4-star or above rating.  
  3. Choose a gift basket with products you know your bereaved will like and find comforting – whether it’s tempting snacks, gourmet delights, or products for pampering 

Sympathy gift basket prices

Gift basket prices range from under 50 dollars to over 100 dollars. Delivery prices vary according to product types and the delivery destination. (To check the delivery price, add the gift basket item to your cart. You can delete it later if you no longer want it.)  

Gourmet sympathy gift baskets

Gourmet sympathy baskets arrive with sumptuous goodies like meat and cheese peppered with jars of olives, packets of crackers, delicious spreads and more will spark an appetite. To make it a sympathy gift, add a note or card extending your condolences. (We recommend choosing 4-stars or above rating.) For more see sympathy gift baskets under $50 or under $100. 

Sweet treats sympathy gift baskets

Sweet treat gift baskets will put a smile on any face. But when sent as a sympathy gift – receiving delivery through to choosing the first sweet morsel will prove a welcome distraction for the bereaved. 

(We recommend choosing 4-stars or above rating.) 

Low carb fatfree sympathy gift baskets

Sweet treat sympathy gift baskets don’t have to be high in sugar to be fun. Low carb fatfree sweet treat options are available.

(We recommend choosing 4-stars or above rating.) 



Diabetic sweet treats sympathy gift baskets

Is your bereaved at diabeticSend a sugar-free sweet treat sympathy gift basket to show extra loving care 

Gluten-free sweet treats sympathy gift baskets

There are even gift baskets for those who need gluten-free treats. 

Imagine the delight when your bereaved discovers all the delicious contents are gluten-free.

(We recommend choosing 4-stars or above rating.) 

Healthy snacks sympathy gift baskets

Vegan snacks sympathy gift basket

Vegan snacks sympathy gift basket This sympathy snack box is a collection of 20 grab-and-go certified vegan snacks. Over 235 customers rate this product 4.5 stars. Gifting this as sympathy basket will give you peace of mind tasty snacks are on hand to tempt your grieving vegan’s appetite.

(We recommend choosing a 4-stars or above rating.)

Gluten-free & dairy-free sympathy gift baskets

Gluten-free-dairy-free sympathy basketIs your bereaved a celiac or allergic to wheatOr maybe they choose gluten-free and dairy-free for health reasons. This certified gluten and dairy free snack box is a treasure chest of singleserve snacks, chips and low sugar treats. Sent as a sympathy gift, it’s bound to deliver sweet comfort and delicious reassurance to anyone mourning the loss of a loved one. 

(We recommend choosing 4-stars or above rating.) 

Fresh produce sympathy gift baskets

Fresh produce sympathy gift basketVoted #1 Best Food Gift Basket by Connecticut Magazine.  The healthy food sympathy gift basket is brimming with fresh fruits, creamy, rich farmhouse cheddar cheeses and crackers. Even the saddest will find snacking a delight. 

(We recommend choosing 4-stars or above rating.) 

Bath and body sympathy gift baskets

Bath and body sympathy gift basketsSending a bath and body basket as a sympathy gift is the perfect way to give the bereaved temporary relief from their heartache. In a beautiful, gentle way you’re saying, ‘take the time to reflect and heal’. The bath and body gift basket range for men and women is vast with an exciting array of scents and natural products.  

(We recommend choosing 4-stars or above rating.)

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Fresh flowers sympathy gift baskets

fresh flowers sympathy gift basketBeautiful flowers convey condolences simply and elegantly. Their very essence adds positive energy to any room.  Sending a basket or vase of sympathy flowers is a lovely way to gift healing to others.  

We recommend reading the suppliers delivery instructions and conditions to ensure flowers arrive fresh and beautiful.

See more sympathy flowers options. 

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