Best 10 Pet Memorial Markers

Pet memorial markers are a great way to help you deal with pet grief and say goodbye to a cherished companion.

Pet Grief

The grief that follows losing a beloved pet can hit hard — even for those who have overcome adversity in the past. If you’re feeling at a loss and broken-hearted, stick to the basics: hydration, nourishment, rest, and exercise.

Plan a pet memorial

If you’ve lost your ability to find comfort in your favorite ‘self-soothing’ activities – retail therapy, coffee catch-ups, meditation, or exercise – try planning a pet memorial to say goodbye to your beloved pet. Sometimes, honoring your grief is the greatest healer of all.

Holding a pet memorial enables you to openly express your grief while honoring your pet.

Pet memorials don’t have to be elaborate, time-consuming or involve anyone outside your immediate family. Your pet’s goodbye service can be as simple as, placing a memorial stone, stake, or garden cross and saying a few words.

Pet memorial customer comments

Lulu on Amazon comments:

Hasn’t been quite 2 weeks since we lost one of our fur angels and it is still raw. This stone is a wonderful way of memorializing our baby, and I love that a photo can be put in there. I will put it in the back yard, where for years, he enjoyed playing and lounging. Thank you for making this keepsake so our broken hearts can begin healing, and we’ll have this to remember him by, any time we’re outside playing with whichever new foster pup comes through our home.

Another Amazon customer comments:

Our outdoor cat of almost 9 years (that adopted us) passed away this past weekend. We wanted something special to place in our garden in his memory. There are no right or wrong pet memorial services; only what feels right for you and your family.

If you are working through a loss be kind to yourself.

If someone close to you or a work colleague is grieving for a pet reach out and let them know you care. Ask them to share a happy or funny pet story with you. Or buy The Sympathy Gift 2 – Last Woof.  

The Sympathy Gift 2 – Last Woof

This book encourages those grieving a lost pet to recall happy pet memories and use them to create healing power from within. (Watch video)

The Sympathy Gift 2 – Last Woof combined with a pet memorial marker makes a perfect pet memorial gift.

Best 10 pet memorial markers

We’re confident our best 10 pet memorial markers selection will help you find the perfect shape, style and color marker to honor your beloved companion. All our listed products have been rated 4 or 5 stars and tested by consumers worldwide.

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May your pet rest in peace.

Pet Memorial Stones

Lightweight polystone makes shipping affordable

Healing From Grief


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Last Purr


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