Top 10 Pet Urns Under $50

Many people find losing their beloved pet comes with personal heartache and unexpected financial stress.  Vet bills and cremation costs add up. But here’s the happy news. For less than fifty dollars you can purchase a pet urn and say goodbye in your own time.

Many people find a place of honor to put their beloved pet’s urn. Some even make a little shrine adding memorabilia like their pet’s favorite toy, ball or lead.

Saying goodbye in your own time helps to process and deal with all the stages of grief in a timely manner.

Choose the correct size pet urn

To choose the correct pet urn size you need to know your beloved pet’s weight before passing to calculate the cubic inches of ash the urn will need to hold. The formula is 1 pound pet body weight prior to cremation = 1 cubic inch of ash. 

Pet cremation urn sizes range from extra small mini keepsake urns that hold three tablespoons to extra large urns that hold over 200 cubic inches of ash.

The 10 best pet urns for under $50

We’re confident our best 10 pet urns for under $50 will help you find the perfect shape, style and color urn to honor your beloved companion.

Select from the products on this page or the drop-down menus to find more categories.

We trust our categories will make finding the perfect cremation urn for your beloved pet less overwhelming and stress-free.

May your pet rest in peace.

Size Guide

1lb of pet body weight = 1 cubic inch in ashes

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