Miscarriage jewelry is any piece of fashionable jewelry that gives the grieving mother or father a unique way of remembering their little one.

After a pregnancy loss, many couples feel sad, confused, frightened, socially isolated or overwhelmed by grief. So it’s only natural that you want to buy a memorial gift that expresses your love, sympathy and support.

Miscarriage Jewelry Trends

Eight out of ten people choose miscarriage bracelets, necklaces or keychains with heartfelt affirmations. Sometimes gifts say one thousand words. Yet, receiving sympathy gifts expressing a pregnancy loss is not to everyone’s taste.

Heartfelt gift choices come naturally once the circumstances of the miscarriage are understood.

People often ask, “What ashes urn jewelry choices are best for pregnancy loss?” Our answer is “Heartfelt gift choices come naturally once the circumstances of the miscarriage are understood.”

What is the difference between a miscarriage and stillbirth?

When an unborn baby dies in the early stages of pregnancy (before 20 weeks) it is called a miscarriage. A pregnancy loss after 24 weeks is a stillbirth. Laws differ in each country and from region to region, but a baby miscarried after 24 weeks is usually buried or cremated.

For this reason, the stage at which the pregnancy miscarries determins if ashes or snippets of hair are avaiable to place in miscarriage jewelry.

Is it okay to ask about the miscarriage?

If you don’t know the circumstances of the miscarriage and the details are not offered to you, don’t ask. The death of a baby at any stage of a pregnancy is a sad and distressing time. Your best choice is memorial jewelry that reflects the grieving mother’s (and father’s) style, yet gives them a unique way of remembering their departed little one.

Miscarriage Jewelry – Choices


The Best Miscarriage Gift

Along with a thoughtful miscarriage jewelry gift, be the upbeat friend. The one who arrives with coffee, a smile and cheery conversation. Welcome distraction is a great healer.
(Visit Pregnancy Loss Australia or the American Pregnancy Association for more clinical information about miscarriages.)