Miscarriage jewelry is any piece that can be worn by grieving parents, memorializing their loss.

After a pregnancy loss, many couples feel sad, confused, frightened, socially isolated or overwhelmed by grief.  Both as a friend and caring person, it’s only natural to want to express your love and understanding with a gift

Jewelry Trends

Not only do eight out ten people choose to wear miscarriage bracelets, necklaces or rings, but also they like heartfelt affirmations.

However, for some, their grief is at such an intensity that they prefer to mourn privately. So ask someone who knows the grieving couple well if they think your ashes gift idea is appropriate.

A small gift to help that dad process his feelings of loss can mean the world when it comes to his grief recovery.

Are a miscarriage and stillbirth the same thing?

When an unborn baby dies in the early stages of pregnancy (before 20 weeks) it is called a miscarriage. A pregnancy loss after 24 weeks is a stillbirth. Laws differ in each country and from region to region, but a baby miscarried after 24 weeks is usually buried or cremated.

Since the stage at which the pregnancy miscarries determines if ashes or snippets of hair are available, you’ll need to know this before choosing miscarriage jewelry.

Is it okay to ask about the miscarriage?

If the circumstances of the miscarriage are unknown don’t press the couple for information. The more you push the more you may jeopardize your friendship. Rather, ask someone close to the couple who might know. The death of a baby at any stage of a pregnancy is a distressing time.

Perhaps the best guide is to choose memorial jewelry you think reflects the couple’s personal style while respecting their mourning wishes.

The Best Miscarriage Gift

Along with a thoughtful miscarriage jewelry gift, stay upbeat. Be the friend who arrives with either coffee and a smile or a cheery conversation.  Healthy distraction is a great healer.
(Visit Pregnancy Loss Australia or the American Pregnancy Association for more clinical information about miscarriages.)