What do you buy someone who has had a miscarriage? Like all gift-giving, your choice depends on how well you know the person and the circumstances. Pregnancy loss happens for many reasons. Understanding those reasons will help you choose wisely and avoid asking inappropriate questions.

Understanding Pregnancy Loss

Sadly, an unborn baby can die while inside their mother’s womb. When this happens in the early stages of pregnancy (before 20 weeks) it is called a miscarriage. After 20 weeks, it is classified as a stillbirth. But the death of a baby at any stage of a pregnancy is an incredibly sad and distressing time.

Expecting parents busy their days preparing for their new arrival. But when a pregnancy loss occurs, the parents’ plans suddenly end engulfing them in emptiness.

Many parents feel sad, confused, frightened, socially isolated, or overwhelmed by grief. There is no ‘normal’ reaction. Every pregnancy loss is different. Some parents will take a long time to recover from their emotional pain, while others may not. There is no correct time or way to grieve.

Reasons for Miscarriage

Searching for reasons why is a stage of grief. During this time, many women feel guilty and may blame themselves after a pregnancy loss. There is nothing the mother did to cause the miscarriage; nor could have anything been done to prevent the loss.

Even today, so much is still unknown about pregnancy losses. All of this adds to the emotional difficulty because parents never find out why they lost their baby. Yet, one in four confirmed pregnancies ends in pregnancy loss. While this statistic may provide little consolation, doctors share the fact because it lets couples know they’re not alone in their loss.

Trying again

There is good news. Despite grieving their loss, most couples fall pregnant again. Not only does the next pregnancy carry to full term, but also the baby is healthy.

Miscarriage Information

Understand more facts about pregnancy loss. Download the ‘Pregnancy Loss’ brochure by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and SANDS (miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death support).  The information is quick, full of helpful facts and is easy-to-read.

Best Gifts for a Miscarriage

The best way to help a friend who has just miscarried is to be there for them. While this may not feel like enough, providing emotional support during this difficult time will make a huge difference to how they feel about themselves and what happens next.

You are a caring and compassionate person, so be the upbeat friend who shows empathy while shining with hope. Choose an elegant gift to show your heartfelt sympathy and fill the grieving couple’s hearts with hope. New happiness awaits them both.


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