Willow Tree Sympathy Gift Review

Willow Tree artist – Susan Lordi

We love Susan Lordi –  the inspiration artist behind Willow Tree figurines.  Her creativity is driven by the desire to produce sculptures that speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire.

Susan says, “I try to keep the interpretation of Willow Tree open. I hope this makes it more personal.”

Keeping the interpretation open is why Willow Tree figurines make the perfect sympathy gift. The emotion and healing ascribed takes on its own meaning between the giver and the receiver.

Willow Tree quality

Susan hand carves the original figurine in her studio in Kansas City Missouri. From there an exact cast is made of the original allowing replicas to be made and hand painted. Attention to detail during the casting hand painting ensures every expression, tilt of the head, placement of hands, and slight turn of the body is true to Susan’s divinely inspired original.

Willow Tree – low prices

Willow Tree figurine prices range from $17.95 to $53.95 with most of the popular figures priced at $21.95.

A gift box and small card is also included in the price.  There is a beautifully handcrafted Willow Tree figurine to suit everyone’s budget.

Willow Tree sympathy gifts

When giving a Willow Tree figurine as a sympathy gift choose one that best conveys the emotion surrounding your sympathy message. 

You’ll know by how you feel when looking at the figurine

Willow Tree sympathy angels

For many, knowing their departed loved one is in the arms of an angel brings much peace and comfort.

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Willow Tree prayer sympathy figurines

Prayer brings with it much peace of mind. For those grieving praying may remind them they can send messages of love to their departed loved ones. For others, the thought of calming their mind in quiet meditation may make them feel connected to their departed loved one in spirit. 

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Willow Tree flower sympathy figurines

Willow Tree Forget-Me-Not flowers Sympathy GiftFlowers are a beautiful way to send condolences. Sending Willow Tree flower figurine is a gift that will last forever. What a heartfelt way to remind someone they’re not alone as they journey through the dark days of grief.

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Willow Tree heaven sent sympathy figurines

Willow Tree sympathy gift figurine with birdsWonderful true stories about birds arriving in gardens or unusual places to validate the presence of departed loved one fill libraries all over the world. For many, Willow Tree figurines with birds or butterflies may symbolize hope and faith that departed loved ones watches from heaven. 

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Willow Tree musical sympathy figurines

Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted MusicalThis stylish sympathy angel figurine rotates to the music of “Amazing Grace”.  For those grieving, praying with the angel for the entirety of her music is a lovely way to honor a departed loved one and reflect on happier days. 

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Willow Tree forever in my heart sympathy figurines

Willow Tree heart angel sympathy giftThe symbol of the heart can signify so muchLove that supports, love that empowers, love that inspires and so much more. Given as a sympathy gift this Willow Tree figure says forever in my heart.

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Willow Tree keepsake box

Willow Tree sympathy keepsake boxMeasuring 4.75 inches x 2 inches high this Willow Tree keepsake box is a gorgeous sympathy gift. Revisiting a treasured momentous helps those grieving reflect on happy memories while processing their grief. 

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