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Keep your eulogy simple, with a clear beginning middle and end. Focus on one theme, your departed loved one, and eliminate everything else.

Watch the YouTube eulogy examples here. Each one illustrates why telling anecdotes – positive stories – about a departed loved one results in a memorable, heartfelt eulogy. But best of all, don’t have to be a professional speaker to deliver a beautiful eulogy when you speak from the heart. 

Simply aim to be the best you.  And your departed loved one will be proud of you.

Wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson talks openly about the difficulty of writing his father’s eulogy. Heartfelt and heartbreaking, yet inspirational.

Watch this 12-minute eulogy delivered by Alison, the daughter of Stg Scott Lunger. It is an excellent example of speaking from the heart; of being the best you.

Watch this 8-minute eulogy delivered by Craig Ferguson – Scottish-American television host, comedian, author, and actor. He breaks from the show’s usual format to be real about his relationship with his father.

Watch this 12-minute eulogy delivered by Justin Trudeau for his father Pierre Trudeau – the third-longest-serving prime minister in Canadian history. Notice how Justin uses theatrical elements to bring his anecdotes to life.

Muhammad Ali died June 3, 2016. Long time friend and actor, Billy Crystal delivers a touching eulogy. Note how personal anecdotes highlight the warmth and depth of their friendship.

June 5, 2020 Rev. Al Sharpton delivered George Floyd’s eulogy. The controversy surrounding George’s death and the resulting riots made this a very difficult eulogy to write and deliver.  It’s an outstanding example of addressing what mourners know to be true, yet speaking with integrity and respect. (Runs 26 mins)

(Need help? Download our How to write a eulogy in 7 steps template in WORD or PDF.)

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