YouTube Examples

Keep your eulogy simple, with a clear beginning middle and end. Focus on one theme, your departed loved one, and eliminate everything else.

Watch the YouTube eulogy examples here. Each one illustrates why telling anecdotes – positive stories – about a departed loved one results in a memorable, heartfelt eulogy. But best of all, don’t have to be a professional speaker to deliver a beautiful eulogy when you speak from the heart. 

Simply aim to be the best you.  And your departed loved one will be proud of you.

Watch this 8-minute eulogy delivered by Craig Ferguson – Scottish-American television host, comedian, author, and actor. He breaks from the show’s usual format to be real about his relationship with his father.

Watch this 12-minute eulogy delivered by Justin Trudeau for his father Pierre Trudeau – the third-longest-serving prime minister in Canadian history. Notice how Justin uses theatrical elements to bring his anecdotes to life.

Watch this 12-minute eulogy delivered by Alison, the daughter of Stg Scott Lunger. It is an excellent example of speaking from the heart; of being the best you.

(Need help? Download our How to write a eulogy in 7 steps template in WORD or PDF.)

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